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Hello P4! Well it is hard to believe we are getting ready for our Easter holidays this week so I have lots of Easter activities for you to complete over the next couple of days. I have also included lots of Easter crafts in case you are at a loose end and a COVID-19 Time capsule which you can complete over the next few months ( you will find this in class pages COVID-19). As its only a short week, and you would normally be getting your holidays on Wednesday I haven't included any spellings, but please revise the ones you have, especially any high frequency words!


It was so nice to get all your wee emails and to find out what you are  up to. I was very impressed with the bakers, and a very brave young lady in a field with a Leopard and a Lion, not to mention all the fabulous pieces of art work I got sent. It was also so nice to see pictures of you hard at work and to find out all about the different books you are reading!

It cheers me up to hear from you and to know that you are all safe so keep up the e mails P4!


Lastly I want to wish you all a Happy Easter, I hope the Easter Bunny gets around you all!