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Revise the previous 2 weeks spellings and test.

Children will:

  • know and understand the features and purposes of non-chronological reports, investigating and noting the text, sentence and word level characteristics
    • Complete more or all of the non-chronological report comprehensions set on Studyladder.
  • investigate word patterns and generate spelling rules
    • Complete the spelling rules activities set for you in Studyladder.
  • know and understand the term ‘preposition’
  • identify a range of prepositions:  back, up, down, across, through, on, etc.;  experiment with substituting different prepositions and their effect on meaning
  • understand the role of preposition in the construction of phrases, e.g. in the morning; behind the shed; under the floorboards, etc.
    • ​​​​​​​Watch/read the preposition tutorials on Studyladder
    • Complete the assigned tasks