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Children will:

  • understand a narrative text
    • complete some/or all of the comprehension tasks assigned on Studyladder.
  • write a creative narrative story- structured with paragraphs, clear plot, describes characters and setting using adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, similes and metaphors.
    • Read/watch the tutorials on narrative stories on Studyladder.
    • Go to BBC Bitesize and explore their page on Creative Writing. It will help develop your understanding of the key features of descriptive writing- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpccwmn
    • Write a creative story called 'Invisible me'- see Studyladder for further details and a template.
  • know and understand the work of a connective to link sentences  within a paragraph and between paragraphs- Identify connectives that join sentences and those that link sentences within a paragraph or to link paragraphs, then use these appropriately in longer pieces of writing.
  • know and understand the spellings and meanings of connectives, e.g. therefore, moreover, furthermore, etc.
    • ​​​​​​​Complete tasks set in the 'Connectives' folder on Studyladder.
    • Apply connectives to your creative writing story.