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Children will: 


  • Comprehension: read a range of performance poetry, justify their answers, dislikes and likes.
    • Complete a number of the poetry comprehensions set on Studyladder.



  • Writing: write persuasively on an issue, setting out and justifying a personal view; use structures from reading to set out and link points.
    • use research, a dictionary, thesaurus or other appropriate sources to construct your persuasive argument. Choose appropriate mature language to make your argument stronger. 


Task: Read through the PowerPoint structure on Persuasive Letter Writing.

Task: Read the text analysis of a persuasive letter example to understand the structure.

Task: Order the sections of the example persuasive text on page 1 by cutting and sticking. Once complete check the second page to see if you're correct. 


Task: Write a letter to Mrs Macartney persuading her that children should NOT wear school uniform. 


-Use the checklist, word mat and template to help form your letter.


  • Sentence: Understand and use apostrophes for contraction and possession.
    • Watch the tutorials and complete the tasks in the 'apostrophes' pod  on Studyladder.