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Music in P5 will take place every Thursday with Mrs Harrison.  You will need to buy a recorder from Geraldine after Half Term.  The cost is £3.20.  Remember that we will be playing the recorder "little and often" so keep it in your bag for the days that Mrs Harrison is teaching especially.  Mrs Graham might give it a go too - if time allows!


We have a very active music curriculum encompassing the skills of LISTENING, COMPOSING and PERFORMING.  We will begin our musical journey by exploring the concept of rhythm and beat.  Links to WAU and other areas of the curriculum will often be made.  Your child's musical experiences outside of school are very important and Mrs Harrison encourages anybody who learns an instrument eg piano, or attends Piper's Club, to bring their experiences into the classroom too.

Children will be given opportunities to perform in class and for special events eg Christmas, First Holy Communion, school assemblies, concerts, shows.  


Most of you are already in our 80 strong School Choir which has a practice every Friday from 2 - 3 pm.

We have already performed in the Market Place Theatre for Armagh Culture NIght.

We look forward to preparing for Christmas over the next six weeks.


Instrumental Tuition:  Many P5 children are now learning a string / woodwind / brass instrument.  Please remember to bring in your instruments on the correct days:

Woodwind (with SELB Tutor, Mr F Juhasz) every Wednesday

Strings (with SELB Tutor, Ms C Sweeney) every Thursday

Brass (with Mr I Stevenson) every Thursday


The cost of instrumental tuition will be sent to you shortly, via Geraldine, and it can be paid termly.