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My Final thoughts on China 2016


What a week it has been. I have met the most beautiful teachers, children, interpreters and parents and my vision of what life was like in China has changed completely. Children have the utmost respect for their teachers and are so keen to learn, which makes the profession a much easier job! The Chinese people have a belief that a healthy body equals a healthy mind and so P.E is taught everyday to make sure the children remain healthy and ready to learn. The teaching staff are also treated well and have regular breaks and are provided with activities they enjoy within the school day. In one school I visited the teachers have set up their own orchestra  and during activities afternoon, which is very common in all schools in China, the staff get together to play! The ICT facilities in the schools I visited were outstanding and rooms were allocated to ICT, science, nature and library. But overall at the heart of every school in China and every school in N Ireland  are the children and the schools believe,as we do, in the development and nurturing of each individual child.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Macartney for giving me the opportunity to witness all that China had to offer. It has changed me both as a person and a teacher and I am forever grateful!