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Children will:

  • Find a fraction of a set where the numerator is one
    • Find a fraction of a set of shapes/ objects divided into groups
  • Find a fraction of a set/ quantity where the numerator is greater than one
    • Find a fraction of a quantity by dividing by denominator and multiplying by the numerator
  • Express one quantity as a fraction of another
    • Understand how a fraction of an amount of pounds/ kilograms/ litres can be converted to pence/ grams/ millilitres
  • Introduce hundredths of a shape and mixed numbers involving hundredths
    • ​​​​​​​Recognise the fraction of a shape shaded and shade given fractions
  • Finding hundredths of a set/ quantity
    • ​​​​​​​Find hundredths of amounts by dividing by 100


Relevant activities have been set on Studyladder. Please work through the simpler tutorials/tasks before jumping to the Fraction Extension pod. 


Watch videos from the Fractions section of https://mathantics.com/