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Mathematics and Numeracy


All early mathematical skills and concepts are developed through practical activities. Children are encouraged to think and talk mathematically.

Children will count forwards and backwards to 10, recognise numbers up to and beyond 10, match numbers to sets, find the missing numbers, what is before/ after a given number, copy and continue a pattern, sort sets of items etc.

We are learning how to give directions using the words “forwards”, “backwards”, “left” and “right”.

Money activities for Maths Week 2022!

Have a look at the fantastic repeating patterns we created together!

We are learning how to count!

We have been working so hard learning how to correctly form our numbers to 10.

We practised sorting for different criteria like colour and size!

We loved collecting leaves and using them to create repeating patterns!

We have been exploring 3D shapes! We realised that some roll whilst others are great for stacking and building!

We have been using balance scales to learn about the terms “heavier than” and “lighter than”.