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Following on from P.1 the children will have the same range of mathematics activities as last year.  All early mathematical skills and concepts are developed through practical activities.  



Copy and continue a pattern. These will become progressively more complex throughout the year.



Simply using observation skills to make subsets from a given set of objects and then being able to use appropriate language to explain and justify their choices.


Number work

By the end of P.2 the children will count forwards and backwards to 20.  They should be able to recognise and order written numbers to 20. They should be able to add on and take away within this number range too.  They will play lots of maths games to reinforce and consolidate learning and to promote a positive attitude to maths and number work.


Topic maths

For example - shape, time, measurement – weight, capacity, length.  Through games and hands-on-activities the children will have opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding in these areas.  Look out for related homework activities.

Number Wizards 

We have spent time exploring numbers through creating sets, addition and subtraction. 

Numicon Fun 

This week we have been introduced to and have been exploring Numicon. We have used Numicon to explore number bonds and stories within 20, developing our understanding of more than and less than and making shapes/pictures. 

Number Partitioning


We have been exploring how to partitioning numbers using Numicon, cubes and exploring how we can make whole numbers using different numbers within 20. 



Exploring Change with Coins up to 5p