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Play and Learn at Home

Importance of outdoor play

Supporting children’s language development

Some ideas about how you can support your child's learning at home, in the six areas of learning that make up the pre-school curriculum.

‘Happy Healthy Kids’ leaflet. Included is information on gross motor and fine motor skills; tips on physical skills to try at home and pictures of exercises which can be cut up into cards and used by parents to promote physical exercise throughout the day.

Play is essential to children’s development. Children love to get muddy, covered in paint and stuff when playing, we call this Messy Play! Please download the following leaflets-they are full of fantastic messy activities that you can do at home.

Fifty ways to play and learn at home

30/3/20 Caterpillar update! The caterpillars have climbed to the top of the cup and attached themselves to the paper disk under the lid.They have shed their skins one last time and hardened into chrysalides. 🐛🦋

After 3 days, the chrysalides will be fully hardened. After 7-14 days, the butterflies will emerge from the chrysalides! 🐛🦋

10/4/20 The butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides! At first their wings are soft and crumpled.They slowly stretch and force liquid into their veins to strengthen their wings.🦋🦋💕

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