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What makes us integrated?

What makes us integrated? 1
What makes us integrated? 2
What makes us integrated? 3
What makes us integrated? 4
What makes us integrated? 5

Non-fiction instructional texts

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Making our own snakes and ladders game using 1metre strips

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   smileyWelcome to Miss Convery's P.3 class pagesmiley  
This page will keep you up to date with current topics and activities taking place in P.3. We change our topics every half term and will upload any pictures, tasks or websites related to our work. We would be happy to include any ideas you might have so, keep us posted!


Can you order the months of the year?

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         Our topic this half term:            

           👫👫👫👫 Ourselves 👫👫👫👫               




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  • In Literacy, this term, children will know and understand how to:


    • Be aware of stories with familiar settings
    • Discuss oral and written stories
    • Investigate time/sequential relationships
    • Look at story structure and know the term “plot”
    • Distinguish between fiction and non-fiction
    • Examine the purpose of non-fiction
    • Pose focussed questions


    • Re-read own work
    • Examine where capitals are used


    • Identify phonemes/syllables
    • Understand that the same spelling can have more than one sound

    Talking & Listening:

    • develop talking and listening skills through work linked to other areas of the curriculum
    • adopt appropriate roles in small or large groups



🔢 📊 📏 💰

In Numeracy, this term, children will know and understand how to:


  • Choose and use appropriate number operations and mental strategies to solve problems

Mental Competences:

  • Identify missing numbers in a sequence within 20
  • Count orally in 1s,2s
  • Add/subtract 9/11 to 20


  • Consolidate addition facts to 10, extend to 15
  • Use + and = signs
  • Add/subtract 1,2,0 to any number, answers within 20
  • Recognise and use 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, and 20p coins
  • Consolidate subtraction facts to 10
  • Subtract a single digit from 20
  • Use the terms before/after/between to 20


  • Order the months of the year
  • Recognise o’clock and half past times
  • Recognise and name basic 3D shapes from pictures and by handling solids
  • Know their properties
  • Use and begin to read the vocabulary related to length.
  • Estimate, measure and compare lengths using standard units – hand spans, feet and 1 metre


                                                          🌏 🌏 🌏

In World Around Us, this term, pupils will have an awareness:

  • That we are humans and are living things with stages of growth (S&T)
  • That there are similarities and differences between ourselves and other children (S&T)
  • That food, exercise, rest and personal hygiene are important to keep healthy (S&T)
  • How to identify obvious differences between the past and present (H)
  • How to identify some things which changed and some things which remained the same within a specific time period (H)
  • How to identify changes that have occurred over time (H)
  • How to use words and phrases relating to the passing of time e.g. months of the year/modern/old/grandmother’s time and be able to place dates and events on a simple timeline e.g. My School Year (H)


P3 Information Booklet 2019-20