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Welcome to P4 2021/2022

I hope you are all staying safe and well in what is yet another strange back to school term. To begin with school life continues to be very different: children sitting in rows; not seeing their family members during the day; staying in their own bubbles and all with separate playtimes, but all done to keep us safe and well through this pandemic. Despite all this the children seem to be delighted to be back in school, seeing their friends, playing and learning and getting back into routine. Along side the teaching of Numeracy, Literacy and World Around Us we will endeavour to give the children time to talk about their worries and to discuss COVID in a child friendly way. We will also continue delivering the PATHS programme which helps all our children develop confidence and resilience. We will also spend time outdoors where they can make the most of the good weather in Leafy Hollow and the Trim Trail. Over the next few weeks I will be putting up lots of pictures of the children and will be adding links to computer games etc that the children can use to help reinforce concepts we have taught in class.

If you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to contact me on the e mail below aobraonain210@c2kni.net or by phoning school.


Testing our Translucent, Transparent and Opaque objects

Diwali Assembly