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Primary 7

Monday 22 June

And so we reach the end of our school year - one very different from what we thought when we started out last September. Primary 7's find ourselves thinking about 'moving on' to secondary school without a proper goodbye to primary school. With this in mind I want to offer some words to you all. You have achieved so much throughout this year, you have been strong, wise, kind, funny, helpful and above all, matured into young people that we can be thoroughly proud of and will remember and keep in our hearts. Take what you have learned in Saints and Scholars - not just academically but also the friendships and insights of your journey in integrated education. Remember your Saints and Scholars family and please come back to see us when you have the chance.


To create something to remember our time in school, I have included a photo montage request image/ file in the Mon 22 June link below to upload and send any pictures that envisage 'Happiness'. I will put these together with photos here in school and create a montage for you to download and keep and look back on in future times.


Take care everyone

P. Cloughley

Monday 4 May

Mon 13 April


Below you will find the answers to the Revision booklets and some optional fun activities for the Easter period

Monday 30 March


I have added additional activities (further down the page) that include links to audible stories and ebooks that will keep reading skills ticking over; also art suggestions. These can enhance more formal activities and offer a change of pace too.

As you will see from this week's Numeracy activities, Studyladder is now being used as a compliment to the learning. Some learning 'pods' may contain several more activities than are specific to the task set but are useful revision nonetheless.

A link is also added to Corbettmathsprimary site - this is similar to Studyladder in that it provides video tutorials for children on a wide range of maths topics, followed by activities to complete. As we move forward, I will link activities to this site. It will also be a valuable resource to revise key topics already covered.

 Wednesday 25 March


I have set up accounts for all pupils on the Studyladder website, https://www.studyladder.co.uk

This will enhance the lessons and activities that I will upload each week. If your child already has an account from last year and remembers their log in, nothing has changed. If your child joined us this year or has forgotten their log in details then email me (pcloughley890@c2kni.net) and I will reply with their access codes.

Take care everyone

Mr Cloughley

Primary 7C


Dear parent


Through this page you will find activities to continue your child’s education at home. Each folder will be dated for a specific week and will be uploaded by 9.00am of each Monday morning. Your child should know which group they belong to in each subject. The folder will contain Literacy and Numeracy activities including spellings for the week and be divided into separate groups as per in class. It is each parent’s responsibility to ensure these activities are completed, offer assistance to their child if needed, and mark any work attempted. Where needed, a brief explanation is included. Additional links to educational websites, activities are included.


While I have endeavoured to provide enough work to occupy your child for 5 lessons in each subject, it is impossible to be certain the length of time taken to undertake these tasks in the home setting. Therefore, it is possible that some activities may be finished earlier than expected (web links are provided for extra practise), or some activities may take longer than expected (parents may use discretion in this case).


A longer writing piece of work will be included every two weeks and form part of the Literacy activities and this may be copied/ scanned and emailed to myself to provide evidence of learning and allow me to provide feedback. Other pieces of work should remain at home.


Also included is a project link, to further stretch your child. This can be completed on paper or in digital form if this is available.


Please remember that these are exceptional times that we are going through and I, like all my colleagues, have been ripped out of our normal practises and asked to 'teach' in a manner that is totally alien to us. These methods are not ideal but we are still working hard to provide the best that we can for your child. If you have any queries, I can be reached at the email address at the bottom but this may not be immediately or outside of normal working hours.


I would encourage you to allow your child sufficient rest time through play, outdoors where possible and safe, digital communication with their friends as appropriate and to keep mind and body healthy and active.


I hope to see all those smiling, witty children as soon as we are able,

P. Cloughley


Project - Space


Research and compile a project on Space.

This can include sections on:

  • planets
  • moons
  • solar system
  • asteroids
  • satellites
  • black holes
  • stars
  • comets

Set out in different sections/ chapters. Include headings, sub-headings, diagrams and pictures, information, tables, lots of colour. Puzzle pages, quizzes, glossaries, contents pages will also enhance your project.

This can be hand written or typed.


Below are hyperlinks to a selection of websites that will be informative and useful in P7. I will add more as I find them. 



The studyladder website provides turorials, online activities and worksheets that will be referred to in weekly activities set.



Corbett Maths is a website aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils. This also offers tutorials for children with activities linked to these. They also offer mental arithmetic activites and games. These will also be referred to in weekly activities.



The above, excellent website from the BBC covers all topics at KS2.



TTS have created a curriculum-focused independent learning resource with over 40 home learning activities all planned and all prepared and free to download and print.


Why not sign up for a free month of Twinkl:

Step 1: Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer

Step 2: Enter the code: CVDTWINKLHELPS in the box

This is a website that is used by extensively by teachers. You can access a variety of worksheets to print off and powerpoints that will clearly explain certain learning objectives. 



This website contains lots of worksheets and powerpoints linked to lots of subjects.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/websites/4_11/ this page has links to all bbc's schools pages.


http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/ this is an excellent website that covers all topics covered in KS2 and it is also a great resource for information.


Her are some child friendly sites for the Solar System: