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On this page you will find out about all the exciting things we've been doing in P7.


We've a very busy year ahead of us. Although the work will be hard, we'll also fit in a lot of fun activities including a trip to Euro-Disney and Paris in May, and lots of chances to gain new experiences through a variety of sports.


In September we begin 24 weeks of 'Healthy Kidz' PE sessions focusing on: Agility, balance, coordination, speed and strength. In the first week the children are tested in all 5 strands, they will then be tested at the end of the program to ascertain the progress they've made. We also have a short block of badminton coaching from Nick, with children given the chance to attend a newly formed badminton club at the Leisure Centre. 

The first topic of the year is the Victorians. The highlight of this topic is a class trip to The Argory in October. This is a Victorian based day where we attend workshops, meet Victorian characters and get to see around the well preserved house, gaining a greater understanding of how the rich people lived in Victorian times and the roles of their various servants.  


In October, most of the class dress up in their Halloween costumes and have great fun at the school disco. Also, James from SENTINUS will come into school to take a flight workshop. We'll also begin a block of Gaelic football coaching with Fintan.


In November, four lucky P7 girls are heading to Finland with Mrs Macartney & Mrs Kennedy on an ERASMUS trip.


At the start of December we have James from SENTINUS, coming in again to take a 'Robotics Coding' workshop in school. We'll also be attending a whole school carol service at St Malachy's Cathedral.


In January and February we study the Caribbean; from its history to the present day people. We also learn how yellow gold (bananas) and tourism create many of the jobs on the islands and how the people love to celebrate their cultures through music, song and dance.  


In February the school will hold a Math's Week with the focus on all things 'Money'. In P7 we base our numeracy for the week around the theme of money and financial awareness. This month will also see the school hold our annual Valentine's day disco which is always well attended by P7's. Four lucky boys are also heading to Sweden with three teachers on another ERASMUS trip.


After the half term break in February we study Ancient Rome, learning all about the Empire they created through the strength of their armies and how they used to live in their towns and cities across their vast empire.


In the final term our topic is the 'Human Body'. As well as preparing for our 'Leavers' Assembly' we'll also go on our big class trip with The Royal Prep' & St Malachy's to Paris, to see the sights and spend a couple of days at Disneyland! 


We'll finish the year with our traditional 'Leavers' assembly, prize-giving and lunch with all P7 pupils, parents & teachers.


Below are a selection of photos from some of the activities we've done so far this year. 



Various photos so far in P7

Various photos so far in P7 1
Various photos so far in P7 2
Various photos so far in P7 3
Various photos so far in P7 4
Various photos so far in P7 5
Various photos so far in P7 6
Various photos so far in P7 7
Various photos so far in P7 8
Various photos so far in P7 9
Various photos so far in P7 10
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Various photos so far in P7 13
Various photos so far in P7 14
Various photos so far in P7 15