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The D.E.N. and Sensory Circuits

Hello everyone...especially everyone who attends Sensory Circuits and comes along to The D.E.N.


Just want you to know that I am missing you and I wonder EVERY DAY about you .

I wonder.....

  • How you're getting on at home?
  • If you're enjoying your time at home ?
  • If you're missing school ?


I know you will all be staying at home 


being good


washing your hands whilst singing Happy Birthday twice !



Sometimes staying at home all the time can be great fun but it can be difficult too for EVERYONE.


If you want to contact me for anything at all you can do that on :




I can even arrange a zoom call with you and read you a bedtime story for 30 minutes ...no problem to do this .


Stay at home and stay safe and happy .


Miss you all

Mrs Hughes x 



Sensory circuits: Animal walks

EXERCISE VISUALS..useful visuals of the children doing rolls and stretches