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Term 1 Overview- Click Here

Term 1 Overview

In Numeracy we will be working on: 

  • Revision of Numbers to 100 including patterns and sequences, addition/subtraction of 1, 2, 5, 10
  • Place Value to 1000
  • Reading numbers from scales
  • Rounding to nearest 10, 100, 1000
  • Addition to 1000 (use of number lines and vertical methods)
  • Time - Calendar (days, months, seasons, reading a calendar)
  • Data Handling
  • Position, Movement and Direction
  • Shape and Symmetry 



Our Literacy texts will include

  • mini beast poetry (WAU link)
  • historical fiction
  • instructions
  • play scripts
  • Anti- bullying texts
  • We will have a big focus on COMPREHENSION SKILLS for the whole year, using a colour coding method to highlight questions and answers - this will help to focus the children on finding accurate answers from the text, rather than relying on memory.
    • SPELLING ALERT:  We will be continuing to use our linguistic phonics scheme and will be asking parents to support the children in using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE CHECK method at home every night.  We will do the word investigation activities in school every morning instead
    • Word Level work: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, synonyms, rhyming words, alliteration, homophones, figurative language


P.E. We will have PE every Monday and Wednesday - we will be swimming on a Wednesday from September for 6 weeks, then practising running, playing games and doing circuits.
In WAU we will be learning about MINI BEASTS.  We hope to have a visit from the educational officer from the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre to help us make mini beast hibernation chambers and do a mini beast hunt in Leafy Hollow.
The Arts
Choir and Drama will be every Friday afternoon.
In ICT we will continue to Explore, Express, Exchange, Exhibit and make cross curricular links to the three main areas of Literacy, Numeracy and World Around Us, including making invitations to our Harvest / Christmas events in school.
Let's hope this term helps us all to settle in well. Remember that there is an "open door" policy here so please feel free to come in at any stage if you need to talk to me about anything.