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Revise these commonly confused/misspelt spellings. Parents please test your children on these at the end of the week.
Please select the ability level suitable.


Over the next few days explore your understanding of what a 'recount' is.


You must complete the following tasks:

  • Watch the video
  • Read the PowerPoint
  • Read the example text
  • Read the success Criteria
  • Write a recount of your 'favourite holiday'
  • Mark your recount against your success criteria
  • Complete the 'Recount Quiz'

How to write recounts with Michael Rosen | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Suitable for 5-14s.Author Michael Rosen gives his top tips on how to write an engaging recount. From a series of BBC clips teaching key writing skills.Subscr...

Recount Example- Try to spot the key features of a recount



  • Read the PowerPoint and play the games within it to review/consolidate your understanding of pronouns.
  • Complete the worksheet.