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Week 10 - Monday 1st June

Hello P3!!  Can you believe it's June already and this is our last month in P3?? cryingcrying  Time has gone too quickly.  But, we have to be so grateful for all of this beautiful weather and how we have not been confined to being inside.  Did anyone have a go at making butter?  If you watched my video, you can see that I have my hands full looking after my two nephews. I am more tired at the end of every day with them than I was from teaching all of you!! laugh

This week, we are looking at quarter past times.  We don't cover quarter to times until P4; however, you can have a go if you would like to.

Remember, you can send me a note about how you have found being at home, any work you would like me too see, any photos of you during lockdown if you haven't sent one so far to jconvery795@c2kni.net

Take care P3,

Missing you,

Love from Miss Convery cool