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Week 11 - Monday 8th June

Hello P3! It was so lovely to see so many of you when you came to collect your stuff on Thursday.  It was very hard not to go and give you all a big hug but, just seeing your lovely, smiling faces was enough. 

This will be the last week of learning a new spelling sound as, next week, we will revise all of our High Frequency words.

Hopefully we will get some more good weather too as, being outside doing school work, I have managed to tan half of my feet so I really need to work on the other sides!! laughMy nephews want to have a mini sports day too, so we will be needing some good weather to practise.  This year, I am definitely having a teacher's race as I think I will be able to win it - as I will be the only one in it!! wink

So, if you have your own mini sports day, be sure to send me a photo.

Have a lovely week,

Stay safe,

Miss Convery heart