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WEEK 13- 22nd June

Possible Activities to Complete:


  • Jigsaw Jumble- Complete a jigsaw of 500 pieces or more. The bigger the better.

  • Green Fingers- Grow something from a seed. This can be small (most herbs can be grown in any container) or something bigger, you set the rules.

  • Marble Run- Construct a marble or domino run. You should use anything you think might work - preferably from items that are for the recycling.

  • Plane Pilot- Design and build a paper airplane from household material e.g. paper, card, wooden skewers, cellotape etc. Maybe have a household competition - Who can fly their plane the furthest?

  • Homemade Music- Using household objects, you should try to create a riff, or famous melody. For example, the tune played at the end of McDonald's advertisements. Suggested items could be glasses filled with water, food tins or cutlery.

  • Frontroom Fitness- Complete a daily workout via a YouTube Channel - for example Joe Wicks the Body Coach. Or try a new fitness activity like Pilates or Yoga etc.

  • Recorded Run- Complete a 20 minute run.

  • Wilderness Adventure- Go for a long walk with members of your household. Whilst on your journey stop to enjoy a meal outside - packed lunch, picnic etc.

  • Dance Magic- Upload a video of you completing your routine.

  • Bug Hotel- Make your own bug hotel - this is the right time of the year to give those bugs a home in our ecosystems. Check out the RSPB website for instructions - easy and super cool and great fun.

  • Something New- Learn something new - this is deliberately vague to allow for all the amazing and interesting things people have been doing whilst on lockdown.

  • Board Game Bonanza- Play a new board game with members of your home – this cannot be online. It does not have to be brand new just new to you, maybe you could create a personalised monopoly board. Create a trophy/prize to be played for, including naming it.

  • Encourage Someone- Write a Card or Letter to someone. Think of someone you could encourage or cheer up. Maybe someone you could say thank you to. Maybe a friend, teacher, parents or grandparents.

  • Photo Competition- - Take a picture that represents 'Happiness'

  • Working Day- Work a day at home. This can be doing chores or more specific tasks. Painting a room, washing a dog, hoovering or cleaning the car. Volunteer a day of work at home.

  • Table Talk- Cook or bake a course of a meal. Maybe you can manage the main or bake a cake for dessert - you choose. You need supervision when cooking so agree what you are making and take any guidance required. Enjoy your creation with your household.

  • Surprise Me- Surprise someone - in a good way. Who could you surprise? How could you surprise them? From tidying your room…before being asked... Giving someone a gift out of the blue. Surprise someone - be creative and thoughtful.