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Week 2 - Monday 30th March

Well all my lovely Primary 4s. How are you getting on? You can contact me any time on my email as I am missing you all and I would love to hear what you are up to! This week we are learning about an Australian Myth.In it you will find out about some birds that are native to Australia. You can also watch a little YouTube clip on them, which I've added below to help you with your tasks this week. Every 2 weeks I'm going to ask you to send me your written work so I can read it as I'm missing reading your great work! You could use the computer to type it or just send me a picture from a phone. If possible please send me your description of your bird but don't panic of you can't! Hope you all got on ok with last week’s work. If there wasn't enough please let me know, and remember you don't have to complete all of it. A little every day will keep you going until we all get back to normal.


Don't worry you are safe at home and try and enjoy all the fun with your family. I might even try and take up knitting Holly! Well I will sign off now or I will never get your work put up. Looking forward to hearing from you all next week. Stay safe and remember to help out at home...I think I need to remind my boys of this one!!! Mrs O Braonain