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Week 3 - Monday 6th April

Hello P3,

How are you all doing?? It's really strange not seeing you every day and I really miss you all.  I hope you are not too fed up staying inside and are helping around the house - I know how brilliant you are at tidy up time in P3!! If we were still in school, this week would be your Easter holidays so I have just posted 3 days of work.  Our spellings are revision of all our High Frequency words so far - try to test yourself and see if there are any words you need to practise more.  Don't forget, you can email me with any questions or work, or even just to say hello.  I need to know who is better at teaching - me or Mummy and Daddy??!! winksmiley

So, have a lovely Easter break from doing any school work and stay safe.  Miss you all!

Love from, Miss Convery heartheart