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Week 4 - Monday 20th April

Hi P3 - welcome back!! I hope you had a lovely Easter break and ate lots of chocolate eggs - I know I did!! cheekycheeky

Lockdown is getting harder as the weeks go by but, at least we have been getting lots of beautiful sunshine.  Are you going for walks with your families?  You could start practising for Sport's Day soon with potatoes on spoons, old pillowcases and running races.  I am remaining hopeful that we might be back to do these things together before the summer holidays.  Fingers crossed!!!!

In the meantime, have a go at a few more pieces of work to keep you busy.  Our new topic this term is all about The Farm - I am sure you could contact Charlie if you have any questions at all as he is much more of an expert than me!!!  wink

As always, you can email me with any questions, stories or news at any time.

Take care,

Love from, Miss Convery heartheart