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Week 4 - Monday 20th April

Welcome back Primary 4! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny found his way to you, although with this Covid 19 he may have struggled to get around you all! I had a lovely time, but definitely ate too many Easter eggs! I woke up this morning and was delighted to get started into my new routine, which is getting all your work ready for the week!


This week we are learning all about board games and I have 2 new games for you to try. They come from different countries so it will be interesting to see what you think of them. We are also going to be learning homophones so I wonder if you will all be able to, too, two complete the activities which you will find over there, their, they're on the next page!!! Remember you can also e mail me all your news from your Easter holidays!


You have probably run out of books at this point but please try and keep reading if you can. You can re read some of your books or there are lots of websites where you can download reading books. Keep also practising your number skills, especially your tables, you can find all of these in hit the button!


I hope you are all still doing well, staying safe and having fun. Looking forward to hearing from you this week!