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Week 7 - Monday 11th May

Hi everyone, we are now in week 8 of home schooling so I hope by now you are into a wee routine! it was lovely to see what you were all up to  on our Facebook video and made me miss you every more! if you didn't get a chance to send in a picture feel free to send one to me and ill pop it up on Facebook!


Thank you so much for your fabulous stories last week! I put some up on our class page, so if you would like to read them they are in last week's Literacy page. This week we are reading funny poems which really made me laugh so I hope you enjoy them too!


For those children making their First Holy Communion there is a special mass next weekend for you. You can go online and watch it on Sunday 17th May at 11 am at the Cathedral in Armagh. The link is www.armaghparish.net. You have also been invited to draw a colourful picture of Jesus and send it to me or post into the parish office, although I think you need to do that on Monday! ( If you need any more information please contact me or you can find all the details on our Facebook page.)


As always I am missing you lots. Stay safe and well, and keep in touch, I love receiving your e mails, pictures and work. Lots of Love Mrs O Braonain