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Week 8 - Monday 18th May

Hello P3, how are you all keeping? I am still missing each and every one of you. crying

What have you been doing to keep busy?  Everyone seems to have taken up baking so I tried it too - just one problem!! It was delicious so I ate it ALL!! Have you done any baking? Send me a pic smiley 

If we were still in school, we would be making scones and butter next week so I will get my nephew to help again and post a little clip to show you how to make your own butter - it's really easy. If possible, someone could get you a small pot of double cream and a glass jam jar for next week to have a go too. Did you see my nephew helping me last week?  We sent it to his teacher as well so that she could see him working hard.  We play lots too so make sure you get lots of time to play as well. 

Next week will also be a short work week due to the bank holiday, so you will have extra time to relax and play.

Take care, my lovely P3s!

Love from,

Miss Convery heart

Here is a lovely song to help learn number bonds to 10 which you can then relate to bonds to 100 smiley