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Week 9 - Wednesday 27th May

Hello P3!  Another week over already!!  The week ahead has only 3 days of work to do, due to the bank holiday.  Therefore, we have no new spellings this week, just a word search to revise your High Frequency words, so far.  Think about some of the different ways we used to practise our spellings during Read it. Write it. Build it...you could do this with your spellings any week.  Here is a reminder of the activities we would do:

  • matching pairs
  • go fish
  • hangman
  • noughts and crosses
  • build with Lego
  • playdough

Here are a few new suggestions:

  • rainbow - write your words in different colours
  • alphabetical order
  • hide and seek - draw a picture and hide your words inside the picture for someone else to find
  • adding - vowels are worth 10 points, consonants are worth 5 - add them up
  • rhyme - find a word that rhymes

I have added some more busy work folders to our class page but remember, these are only if you want to keep busy so do not feel under pressure to complete. 

I have not seen my best friends, Mrs O Braonain and Mrs Hughes, now for 8 weeks and I miss them very much.  We have talked on Zoom and through text messages but it's just not the same - who do you miss most?  Have you been able to facetime anyone?  I am off to video my nephews making butter so that I can post it here for you to see and have a go so, wish me luck!!  If you get a chance to try it yourself, send me a photo and I will make a little video to post on here for you to see.  Have a lovely week!

Missing you,

Love from, Miss Convery xx