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China day 3

Day 3 and still loving every minute of my trip. We started the day at our partner school today. The facilities were fantastic. They have a fabulous ICT Suite and library full of books,cushions, cuddly toys and their very own librarian! It was then off to a maths lesson held in the TV room. What an experience that was: 36 iPads, smart TV,film set, mics set into the ceiling and sound proofed! Another amazing lesson where children learnt how to shop online while working out percentage discounts, another must see for you Mr Cloughley! After that I tried my hand at tie dying which brought me right back to the 80s! Now I'm just back from the Han Show which was the most amazing show full of water features,lights, gymnastics and dance! Missing you all at Saints and Scholars but am being treated like a Princess here so enjoying it while it lasts!