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Saints & Scholars Integrated Primary School, Armagh

Our History

The very first pupils at Saints and Scholars (at Armagh Rugby Club)
The very first pupils at Saints and Scholars (at Armagh Rugby Club)
Saints and Scholars opens its doors at Killuney Park Road in September 1994
Saints and Scholars opens its doors at Killuney Park Road in September 1994
The whole school in our new building!
The whole school in our new building!

In early 1993, the Armagh Integrated Primary School Group had been working for many months to open our school. They had no building and no site, however, they did have an unshakeable faith that they were doing something right and necessary for our community. Armed with this conviction, they put forward a school proposal to the Department of Education, they appointed a staff and opened an office on the Mall. 

By September, Saints and Scholars was open for business, albeit in two temporary classrooms in the corner of the Rugby Club car park. Opening the doors to our first 24 pupils, under the leadership of our first principal, Mrs Anne Makin. The first year was a blur of activity with many events, continuing preparations for our permanent site and all the normal work of a primary school. Despite all this, the number of pupils almost doubled by the following spring. Our school was already beginning to establish itself in the community and make its presence felt!

In May 1994, after planning permission was finally granted, our Sod Cutting Ceremony took place on our current site on Killuney Park Road. It was the children themselves who cut the first sod. Finally, in September 1994 our current building was ready.

Our nursery unit opened its doors in 2000 and has since become established as an important and valued part of the school's provision. 

Mrs Julie Macartney took over as principal in September 2012, marking the beginning of a remarkable era of growth and inclusivity. One of the defining moments of this era was the official opening of a new Nursery building in October 2012, signifying the school's commitment to providing quality education for young children from the Armagh area.

With the increase in pupil numbers, the school welcomed new teaching and support staff, further strengthening its ability to provide an enriched learning environment. But what truly set Saints and Scholars apart was its unwavering dedication to the principles of integrated education. Creating an inclusive environment where individuals of all faiths and beliefs were respected and valued was paramount.

During this era, the school saw families joining from countries such as Syria, Ukraine, and various European countries. This influx of cultural diversity not only enriched the student body but also broadened the horizons of everyone involved. Saints and Scholars became a place where different worldviews were acknowledged and celebrated, fostering a deeper sense of unity within the school community.

To support the emotional well-being of its pupils, the school introduced a range of innovative programmes, including Nurturing principles, Paths, sensory circuits, Reggio, Reach mentoring, and trauma-informed education. These initiatives helped students not only academically but also emotionally, ensuring their holistic development.

At Saints and Scholars, every pupil's uniqueness is celebrated, and they are given the opportunity to grow personally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually to reach their individual potential. This commitment to inclusive education and emotional well-being has defined Saints and Scholars.

This school embraces diversity and focuses on the well-being of its students therefore it can truly become a place of growth, acceptance, and respect for all. The journey of Saints and Scholars is a testament to the power of inclusive education and the dedication of its remarkable staff.

Mr Andrew Scott-Mulholland was appointed as Principal of the school in September 2023. We are very excited for what the future holds for the next chapter of Saints and Scholars!

It all seems a long way from the early days of meetings in living rooms. We must never forget that our school is much more than just bricks and mortar. It is the living spirit of the pupils, parents, staff and members of the community supporting us today!