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Sample Email


A copy of this is available on the school web site. Please copy it and sent to budgetconsultation@deni.gov.uk. Please ask family members to support this campaign. We would equally encourage you to use this email to support other schools that you have an allegiance to.


Dear Mr O’Dowd,


My child attends Saints and Scholars Integrated Primary School, in Armagh. I am very concerned that the draft Education Budget will mean that the school will not be appropriately resourced to meet the educational needs of my child.


I, as a parent, believe that it is very important to ensure that my child is educated in a building that is suitable; I am concerned that budget reductions will mean that the building will not bemaintained properly. I am also concerned that the Resource Budget reduction would indicate that there would be a reduction in staffing at the school. I am concerned that such cuts will inevitably have an impact on the standard of education schools are able to provide resulting in  Northern Ireland falling short of aspirations to become a world class education centre.

The staff in Saints and Scholars Integrated Primary School are crucial to support my child’s learning. They build relationships and develop resources to meet my child’s educational needs. I would call on the NI Assembly to review the allocation of funds to ensure that my child’s education and future is protected.


Thank you for your urgent consideration.



Concerned Parent